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2020年、ハイナー・ミュラーのテクストにインスパイアされた『ハムレットマシーン/Dance ― 人間/機械/動物 ― 』ソロを上演。ヴォイスパフォーマーの本田ヨシ子とのデュオ作品『辺境』では中心の秩序に絡めとられない身体をテーマとした。



Marie Arishiro

Major in French literature and art history. During her working tenure at an art museum and art management organizations, she encountered dance through Yoshito Ohno’s Butoh workshop in 2008. Learn from Mitsuyo Uesugi and Ko Murobushi. Since 2015, choreographed solo works including “Kiwa ― On the Brink”, and duo performance with Marie Drouet "Drawing, dancing, trembling". Appeared in Masako Fukaya’s work "Everywhere- I-novel x 12-" in 2019. Solo performance  "Hamletmaschine  ― human, animal, machine ―" inspired by Heiner Müller's text in 2020. In the duo work "Frontier" with voice performer Yoshiko Honda, the theme was a body that is not entangled in the central order.

As a guest of the Amaleya Theatre in Poland, she collaborated on and performed in "Home - Run - Home" inspired by the novels of Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk.

She explores the relationships between body, thought and sensation and pursues dance as a fundamental language.

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